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This causes a snowballing process that exaggerates both trait

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uk canada goose We created dichotomous measures for ingroup bias giving a score of 1 if participants showed ingroup bias and a score of 0 if they did not. Ingroup bias was related to approval of intergroup violence; those who showed bias were more likely to believe it their duty to kill nonbelievers (B = 0.45, SE = 0.18, z = 2.52, canada goose outlet P= 0.01).If that TL/DR, children who thought it was their duty to kill nonbelievers were more likely to show ingroup bias whether they took their own point of view or that of Allah.Ginges et al. Conclude from their study that there canada goose jacket outlet nothing special about religion that (note the weasel word) promotes violence against outgroups uk canada goose.

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